The Worlds Between Us

Worlds in between…

Have you ever wondered about the worlds that lie between you and the people around you? What is it that separates you and why is it so strong? Is it culture, language, dialect, traditions, or something wholly uncontrollable that you can never understand? This is something so many people try to address and yet, just can’t because of their inability to understand it. It’s rather sad but true…

EXPLORE them all!!

Something most people try to do is to CHANGE what they don’t know or understand INTO what they can comprehend. This is the first step of disrespect! So, if you’re going to explore them and get to know them, you have to respect their boundaries and rules. ABIDE by them and work around them so that you can learn without lying to yourself. Trying to do something different is always very intimidating but if it can help others and smooth the divides around you; why not, right?

Which is why I’m going to promote this batch of writers and contributors from “The Worlds Between Us“. There’s an innocence in their exploration and experimentation that truly resonates with me. Dealing with different cultures, flavors, fashions, tastes, and allergies, this site is interesting and I hope they grow more!

It’s important to support and create respectfully in the world we live in. I want to do it and change the impressions that people have about it. But, this is something that changes with time, especially when many things around us are starting to fuse together. Although that expands our worlds, it also adds dividers and boundaries. So, just go on safely and respectfully into the worlds around you!

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