Most Important Change of My Life

My Life Diet

I grew up on a very vegetarian diet, with sprinkles of pork and other meats due to my Chinese American family heritage. Having been blessed with this habit until I went away to college, everything changed and fast food became my basic diet. After that, I had an extreme run in with Cauda Equina, which changed my exercise life forever. I thought everything could get better but because I was being recommended to change my normal eating habits to eating more MEAT, drinking more MILK, and eating plenty of EGGS to regain my strength. After a year of “resting” and physical therapy, I put on 50 lbs and I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. My asthma got worse, I had higher blood pressure than usual, and my blood sugar soared until the age of 32 when I was diagnosed Type 2. I needed to make a change in my life and I needed to learn how to do it right. 

My Film & Food Journey and Re-Education

In Defense of Food

I was sure I knew everything Michael Pollan would say but, when it came down to it; I was completely wrong. He brought to light many environmental issues that had only touched my mind before cranking out a home run to my soul with conviction. Food should never need defense because it should never be under attack. Monopolizing food, meat, dairy, and the WHOLE industry is just wrong!! This was the beginning of my re-education and realization that I, like the rest of the world, have been lied to for the better part of my life. And it has cost me greatly by causing my asthma to worsen, sleep apnea to develop, diabetes, and overall, a malfunction of my God-given body.

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Food Choices

Something about “over-consumption” sounded weird. It hit home when I realized just how strangely my diet has changed from when I was young until now. I was 225 when I freaked out and decided to go cold-turkey and change against the advice of my doctor and personal nutritionist. Oddly enough, neither knew how to deal with Cauda Equina so everything they recommended to me ended up hurting me more. I was blown away when they didn’t know how to heal my broken body. When they made it worse, I cut them out of the picture, went on a plant-based diet, and my back grew stronger, I lost 20 lbs within the first month and it kept going down, and I managed to get my blood pressure, blood sugar, and asthma under control.

I had to wonder, what else didn’t I know? What else were the people I was PAYING to help me NOT telling me?!

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What the Health

Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio?! I wondered but was hooked the moment it started. From a simple guy looking into questions with no answers… to finding why there were no answers as well as what those answers were. Almost like an expose, it is clearly shown how the government is controlled by food interest groups, unhealthiness comes with a price and the people pay it (not the government), but the government will keep going on their path because that’s how they make money. Donald Trump is the proper king for the government… Isn’t that sad? Aren’t you worried? More than anything, I will not eat meat so willingly and often anymore. Not after watching this disgusting revelation of what and why my illnesses weren’t helped or healed at a younger age.

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This one pushed me the hardest and scared me greatly. How can the human race punish and push other life forms to extinction so shamelessly? How could the government, people with controlling interest in our lives, make money off of our pain, unhealthiness, and early deaths? Why is this being allowed and… after you watch this, won’t you feel a bit angry, too?

Unfortunately, life isn’t as easy as we think. I pray to God everyone involved in this film is safe. Fearing for their lives is part of it, but fearing for the public crucifying of their beliefs, families, professional careers, and overall character is something they go through for the sake of telling the truth. Lies are what Americans are fed and we believe and trust the information because we have been programmed to trust the government officials. We tell ourselves that it’s not the government trying to kill us but, in reality… it is. Because, as long as we eat the way they want us to, they make millions from our illnesses, deaths, and struggles to survive.

And… that’s the way we voted to live, apparently, since no one else is doing anything about it because they might end up murdered.

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In Conclusion

From what I’ve seen, the people are livestock that the government is fattening up for the slaughterhouses. Making millions off of us and then filling the graveyards with our ashes. Like the logs they burn to stay warm, we are nothing more than trash to them. There is plenty we can do as a whole and that is to EAT A PLANT-BASED DIET. That doesn’t mean to eat ONLY plants, though you can try. It means to CUT DOWN on meat and save it for special occasions. There have been countless testimonies about diabetics, cancer patients, and more being healed by such a diet. Why not give it a try?

If your life,
your family’s life,
your children’s lives,
and the lives of your friends
were hanging in the balance…
what would you do?

This is the next one I plan to watch. FED UP. I wish I could tell the world… but then, I would fear for my life as well as theirs. But, hey, it’s better to live for something than to die for nothing, right?

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