Eating Healthy: The Trial Dish

Trials and Errors

After my grand and epic discovery, I realized that it was too late to feel regret and sadness over the time lost eating unhealthily. Moving on and doing it right is my only option and best way to affect change for those in my life. If I am going to beat my diabetes, sleep apnea, and lower the risk of other illnesses, eating a plant based diet is best for me. Also, with the help of my friend who is ALLERGIC TO almost EVERYTHING, she cooked with me and we had an amazing result! Eating, friends, is what this post is about.

The Trial Dish

This was hard to decide on but my buddy made something so mouth watering the night before we met up, I decided to defer to her judgement and so, she decided on a mix of what I wanted to make and what she could and wanted to eat, having made it before.


We went to the Super H-Mart, a Korean grocery store, and had a blast combing the aisles. It was interesting, the many flavors and items only available at the different stores we visit. Also, it was heartbreaking that NO BEEF was from grass-fed cows. So, I guess that location is off my meat radar.


We bought yams, white mushrooms, and egg. After shredding one yam, we sliced 8 oz of mushrooms into quarters, and then brought out two eggs. Since it was just the two of us, it felt nice.


First, pour the shredded yams into the pan of olive oil on medium low and let it brown. Stay on heat for 15 minutes and turn over when browned on one side. Move yams to half of the pot and add in the mushrooms.

Let it simmer for 7 minutes and turn over as you see the color change. Add in eggs and break yolks. Go ahead and wait for it to cook a bit more and then stir fry all of it together. Add pepper garlic salt over the entire pot to your liking.


The end product is quite interesting and be sure to plate it as a mound with some green onion on top. The first bite is interesting. Both sweet with a garlic-saltiness, soft but also requiring chewing. Plenty of textures but overall, it was smooth and gentle to palettes of all types. A nice taste, a good impression, and well observed by two people aiming to eat healthy and change their lives.


I loved it. It was fun, exciting, and I learned a lot. I was impressed and happy while making it. The scents and flavors in trying, tasting, and experimenting made me feel young again. What a wonderful time it was and how I long for the next big adventure and dish!

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