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In the past, a Scribe was responsible for recording important events and other things that were happening (predominantly in Egypt). Some famous scribes include Moses (who was of the first to write in The Bible), Hesy-Ra (for Pharoah Djoser), and a number of monks in monasteries during the Middle Ages. They were the history recorders and that was it…

As for me, I come from a family that overly values education and traditional Taiwanese/Chinese family values. I love writing science fiction and fantasy with a mix of action and adventure. And, as usual, I take inspiration from present day life to help create better stories.


I recently quit my day job to work part-time and freelance as a designer, artist, filmmaker, and etc. I have a few projects in the works and I am, currently, studying at San Jose State University. I’m in a committed relationship and very happily, so. I love traveling, writing, and documenting life in various forms. I am Yelp Elite 2017 (yay)! And… I look forward to questions, comments, and please subscribe to my blog!

Hehe. Welcome to my blog.

Until recently, I allowed anyone and everyone to comment as long as they did it responsibly. Unfortunately, I got spammed like crazy and there were a lot of strange links that, I felt, were inappropriate. So, to comment, you have to be logged into your WordPress account. I hope I do get some comments but, if you just want to read without commenting, I won’t complain.

Thanks for visiting! Feel free to email me comments, suggestions, and questions. I will get back to you. Or fill out my contact form! Thanks!

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