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In the past…

After re-branding myself, I took a long look at the work I had done before getting to where I am, now. My fellow friends, we have come a VERY long way and embarking on this new journey will be amazing!! First, travel through time with me, alright?


THIS is the first wedding I ever shot!! Here’s the highlight reel!!

A&L Wedding Teaser Dec. 2008 from Tiff Chai on Vimeo.


After refining my skills a little bit, I was hired for a smaller wedding and here’s the highlight reel from it!

A&J Highlight Reel from Tiff Chai on Vimeo.

A little later that year… I got another chance to shoot a wedding for Sean and Sarah! I had a bit more time on it, so you can see the better outcome!

Sean & Sarah Wedding Day Highlights (2) from Tiff Chai on Vimeo.


This was quite an undertaking! An emotional ride that led me to stopping doing weddings. Something about being single and shooting weddings made me feel empty and a bit sad.

Lee’s Mini-Reel from Tiff Chai on Vimeo.

But, something about these events fed my imagination, creativity, and grew me as an empowered female filmmaker. Each Bride chose the music and gave specific instructions, to which I followed carefully. No Bridezillas came out to meet me, and everyone was very sweet to work with. Which is why I want to go back to it.

As harrowing as this experience may seem to others, I find it a pleasure and I want to add to their happiness and good experience. I want to go back to the days of watching people be happy. It makes the world such a happy place, don’t you think?

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